The holistic sequence of Physiotherapy, Yoga and Pilates will offer up a way for us to see a world that is working for you instead of working against you.

,,Have you ever felt that your spine is nearly breaking through after a long walk?”

The reason might be a weak foundation (deep segmental muscles of your spine).

The body can tell us many different stories. When we listen to them and understand them we are able to transform them as we wish.

As soon as you start working with The Body Centering Concept you might discover new parts of your body and thereby new aspects of movement. This new experience will allow you to work on your whole system in a new way.

◊ After sensing the points of focus in the system of your own body, you will discover the richness that all of them are connected to each other. With this new gained awareness, you will experience more steadiness and ease in living, acting, dancing and breathing.

  • Based on a fundamental diagnosis, together we work out an individual way for you to find back to solid foundation and the ease of life.
  • The advanced techniques of physiotherapy combined with body- mind exercises that pursuit to build up a central core of stability (Pilates) and to harmonize the system (Yoga) will help us on this way.