Hi I am Lara,

I am a Bali-based Fitness Professional.

Since my childhood I have always had an awareness of my body. Brought up by a physiotherapist and being bothered by extensive back pains throughout my childhood that especially occurred during longer walks it was evident for me to later engage in the field of physical health.

In 2013 I therefor graduated as state- recognized physiotherapist in Berlin/ Germany. With my certificate I went off to Australia fulfilling a long-lived dream. For 6 months I worked as a physiotherapist and au-pair with a disabled child.

Back in Germany I worked in a rehabilitation centre where I especially gained new expertise in the area of sports injuries. I mainly accompanied clients through their rehabilitative stages.

At the same time, I started studying the Pilates concept extensively which I already had come across during my time in Australia. Pilates made me more aware of the essence of good body control. The Pilates method is essentially a mind-body centring technique that emphasises the importance of starting each movement from a central core of stability. Besides teaching me a lot about human bodies and physical health it also cured my ever-endured back pain which since then never re-occurred.

Due to many coincidences, my partner and I made our way to Bali. It felt as if Bali was embracing us with all of its beautiful power. This embrace led us to stay on this inspiring island. I went to Ubud to absolve my 200 hours Yoga teacher training with Tara Judelle. Unexpectedly, it did not end up being an asana based input training but rather was much more than that. For me it has been a new doorway to mind work - The basis of all body exercising.

Now, with The Body Centering  Concept, I want to share my knowledge with the people around me. In my opinion each treatment contains an exchange (giving and receiving) of experiences and facts that bring both –the client and myself- on the right path to achieve a positive result.

I am very grateful for every new input my clients are going to give to me – and therewith for every new challenge to broaden my horizon of bodywork.